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Once In A Lifetime HD – It’s Back!

By on Aug 20, 2012 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I’m happy to see the next edition of ‘Once In A Lifetime’ commencing very very soon! It’s called ‘Once In A Lifetime HD‘ and this time, world’s leading Instragramers will visit Israel on a 9 day, life-changing, once in a lifetime journey. I’m already high on nostalgia and can’t stop thinking about the magical trip I was a part of last year. This time, the ‘Stand With Us’ folks are inviting world’s most followed Instagramers to explore Israel through their lenses. The participants will get a chance to explore Israel in a unique way, accompanied by very talented folks from Israel. Last year, we had a chance to meet Israel’s top folks – including Nobel Prize Winners, Musicians, Politicians, Startup CEOs, Social Entrepreneurs and also explore super cool places – from Dead Sea to the Western Wall. I...