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80% of new Indian startups are into buildnig products! yay!

By on Jul 25, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Couple of days back, I chatted with Mr. Ashish Sinha, chief editor of – a popular technology/startup related blog in India about the latest startup directory they were introducing. I asked Ashish about the percentage of the products based startups of all the startups submitted – and he said its close to 80% ! Whoopie! 🙂 80% of new Indian startups are building products! I hope they are building products for the world – not for some western company. I hope they aren’t into ‘outsourced product development’ – because that’s essentially ‘services’ with a different label. 🙂 I guess years of ranting by software fellas (including yours truly) on why India can’t produce kick-ass products has paid off. We’re building products. Let’s become world’s #1 innovative country! Let’s make the world a...