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Know your Résumé

By on Jul 13, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Over the past four years after graduating as an electrical engineer, I’ve had many opportunities of being on the either side of the table – in interview room. After interviewing both entry level candidates & experienced professionals, I’ve pointed out a common stupid trend. People don’t know what’s written in their résumé! First of all, let’s get the basics done. Résumé is pronounced as “Rey-zoo-mey” or “Rey-zoo-may”. Its not your regular ‘resume’, you know. Secondly, its VERY important that you understand and are aware of what’s written in your resume – for a simple reason that you’ve written your resume. Writing Objectives: Do not copy objectives from someone else’s resume. Write something that you understand. Don’t use words from your GRE wordlists, because chances are that the...