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For the love of the plain text

By on Oct 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Welcome to The Big K’s Superblog, once again. I want to share few things with you. I started writing this blog in 2005. I started with blogspot, then moved to my own domain and then shifted sub domains and finally settled with the current. The blog has gone through many changes. I’ve had tons of theme changes in the past and I thought my quest for the best theme won’t ever cease. I have used various graphical themes on this blog before – and my regular readers know it very well. But the moreĀ  mature I become as a blogger (what the heck!), the more I appreciate the plain text. You won’t believe, but I don’t even use Microsoft Word! I only use MS Word when I have to do some exceptional formatting or to create PDFs. Plain text rocks. At least, when I compose the text using notepad, there’s no spell-check. It tells me how bad I am at spelling! But...