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From absolute to relative

By on Jun 13, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

I’m quite shocked after a short telephonic conversation with my friend. The peer pressure, the desire to be cool & the ‘gennext’, desire to prove yourself, desire to prove your existance, desire to ‘enjoy life’, has totally corrupted young Indian minds…and I’m a 26.5 year old guy writing this about my own generation. As Guy Kawasaki said in one of his speeches, “as we grow older, things change from absolute to relative”. When we were kids, smoking cigarette was absolutely bad thing. Jumping traffic signals, was absolutely bad thing. But as we grow older, things become relative. Smoking only 5 cigarettes is ‘okay’. Jumping traffice signal once because you don’t do it normally is ‘okay’. Have we lost our minds? I urge everyone reading this post to have YOUR OWN, ORIGINAL THOUGHTS. Don’t do...