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Restaurent in a flat!

By on May 3, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

You think making money is hard? Especially in a business? So, I remember someone had said, “Three most important things in running a food business are “1.Location”, “2.Location” & “3.Location”. Think again! Today my colleague & I went to¬† a nearby restaurant [both of us are (still) strangers in this city & therefore, we spend weekends in office]. This restaurant, is least accessible from the main road. There’s no board that shows you the location of this restaurant. This restaurant is actually in a flat on the ground floor of a building! We went inside and we couldn’t find a place to sit! All seats were occupied and few of the people were standing . What a business! The owner (I judged him from his attire) was busy serving. There was no counter, no computers, no bills – nothing! Just benches to sit & people...