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Rahul Gandhi – Please Don’t ‘Read’ Your Speeches

By on Aug 26, 2011 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Dear Rahul Gandhi, Today I heard your speech in the parliament during the zero hour. Lot of ‘youngsters and yuppie’ people see you as India’s next prime minister. The basic expectations, I believe, we all have from our leaders is that they speak about everything right from their heart. From my own experiences of talking in public, one doesn’t need ‘written speech’. All I mean is, when you’re well aware of the issues or the subject and have your own opinions and ideas about it – you don’t need to ‘refer’ to something. Even if you have to – you don’t need a ‘fully written script’. When you read a speech, we feel that you are just loud-speaking someone else’s thoughts. We want you to have your own opinions, thoughts and a convincing way of speaking. Next time you speak about farmer’s...