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How to take good decisions in life

By on Mar 30, 2010 in Wisdom | 2 comments

The following advice may not apply to all your everyday decisions, but it will surely help you when you’re faced with a tough decision in life. Each decision has some positives & negatives attached to it and that’s what makes the whole decision making process fairly complicated. There are situations which can affect your life for a considerable period of time which mostly end in one question: Should I? The best way to deal with such situations is to get out of your own body and look at yourself as a third person (like you are watching yourself in a movie).  Then think what will make you regret more in future: Having done something or Not having done something. In most of the cases, its “not having done something”. I remember reading somewhere that you regret the things you haven’t done than the ones you did. So that should make it clearer. Jeff Bezos...