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Reliance Customer Care (& I)

By on May 13, 2010 in Wisdom | 2 comments

Ever since I canceled my Reliance netConnect account; Reliance has been continuously contacting me with my ‘exceeded’ account usage reports. I haven’t touched the data card since April 02 (the date I canceled my account) yet the account usage is exceeding. Considering Reliance’s reliable technology; I am not at all surprised to see this. I replied to Reliance customer care saying I’ve canceled my account and all dues were paid (I was asked to pay more; because of some billing cycle issues; but since I was happy at the thought of gaining my freedom from Reliance, I paid the extra price). The Reliance folks replied back saying that my complaint (??) has been registered and an executive will get in touch with me shortly. The executive never got back to me; but instead, I got following mail – Dear Customer, This is with reference to your Service Request...

Hello! : The mysterious call from Reliance

By on Oct 23, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I woke up today with a mysterious call from Reliance. The robot on the other side of the line said “This is an important call from Reliance, please be on line while we connect you to our executive”. The robot repeated the same thing in Hindi and I got my eyes wide open. The robot repeated the same announcement in both Hindi & English about 10 times while I patiently waited for the executive to appear on the other side. I was about to hang up the phone, but the robot was faster to cut the call. To reliance: If the important call was about the due amount, please check your records. The bill has been paid already and its not my fault if your systems do not work. –The Big K–

Reliance Customer Care – shit!

By on Apr 4, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I think Indian Customers have a long way to go before they get treated as ‘God’. I’m a user of Reliance NetConnect (wireless Inernet) and I went to the local Reliance center to pay the bill. I filled up the form with required details (yep, you’ve to fill a form before you pay the bill!). I went to the guy (Let’s call him Reliance Guy or “RG”) who was sitting behind a thin LCD screen. Big K: Hmm. [To himself: I’m “The Customer” here & these guys are going to make me feel like I’m God! Because customer is God!] RG: (On phone. Probably with a distant relative) Ha ha ha ha. Yes …. yes. Don’t worry. Big K: [To Himself: Meh! (staring at the board that says “Customer Care”)] RG: yes yes….. RG: No no … I told him. I told him that I won’t be able to come…but….. ha ha...