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Revolution 2020 Love. Corruption. Ambition – Chetan Bhagat Book Review

By on Aug 26, 2011 in Wisdom | 146 comments

Chetan Bhagat is back with his new book – Revolution 2020. The book is already one of the fastest online selling book in India – and we’ve no surprises. Chetan Bhagat’s first book “Five Point Someone” became one of the best selling book in India and there have been claims that “3 Idiots” – the most earning bollywood movie is inspired from the novel. The following books by Chetan got immense popularity and Chetan has reignited the book-love among Indian youngsters. Revolution 2020 Book – Theme The revolution 2020 book is Chetan’s 5th novel. The story revolves around the lives of three friends (two boys (Gopal & Raghav)and one girl (Aarti) ) from Varanasi who’ve different aspirations. The boys have different aspirations – One wants to use his intelligence to make money while the other wants to use his...