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Are You In The Right Career?

By on Dec 26, 2010 in Wisdom | 4 comments

After putting nearly 10 seconds in intense research on how one should decide whether he/she is in the right career, I’ve drawn my own conclusions. I have come up with a short, simple question that will help you instantly decide whether you are in the right carrier you should rather be doing something else. Note that I did not say ‘job’ because ‘job’ and ‘career’ are to different entities often referred as one. You might have given it a shallow thought, because you always chose the path set by others for you. I believe you got into engineering or medicine (this is what most of us select, right?) because either your parents wanted you to or your friends opted for it. So you told yourself, if everyone’s doing it – it must be the right thing to do. There’s no point in discussing what went wrong or right in the past. Let’s focus on today. Ask this simple question to yourself –...