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Rock On For Humanity?

By on Dec 21, 2008 in Wisdom | 3 comments

The SONY TV just aired the ‘Rock On For Humanity’ show. The purpose of the show was to raise money for the homeless kids in Bihar. How? The audience were asked to send SMS. 😐 Frankly speaking, I don’t get it. How can anyone dance and sing to raise money for the homeless? Agreed, the show raised about Rs. 4 crore, but I believe lot of money was spent on organizing the show. It would have been more effective had the money spent on show was spent on helping the homeless. Look at it. I want to help someone. I can’t go and help in person. So what I do – I dance and sing. I shout. I scream. I ask people to send SMS. The mobile company then, without taking its own share, gives all the money to the needy. It makes sense. Huh? But, lot of ‘young & peppy’ people did help the poor by sending SMSes and dancing with the big stars from Bollywoood. It...