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TransGanization Aka “Organizational Transformation” By Rohit Arora – Book Review

By on Dec 14, 2011 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Typically, I’d refrain from buying a book that has an Indian author sporting a nice business suit. I somehow figured out the connection between authors who wear suit to the contents of their books. That connection is like this: Authors who wear suit write boring books. An example of this is the world famous book, “You Can Win”; which basically has been written for the people who think they are losers. Oh well, IIT+MBA thingy does not impress me anymore. Anyway. TransGanization is the latest management buzzword in the B-town that you can quickly add to your own Buzzword Bingo game to play during dull office meetings. But when you ‘receive’ a book for a review; you don’t have lot of options. So here’s my review of the book. First things first – The Book is GOOD. I’d however recommend that you should start reading the book from page...