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About Ruchika Khosla

By on Jul 12, 2009 in Wisdom | 12 comments

My old post “About Me Contest” got a big comment from SuperBlog reader Ruchika Khosla. I’m promoting the comment to the post. Take your time to read it and post your comment. Here we go – hi i m ruchika khosla,a 24 years old girl,i live with my only frnd in my whole life infact my everything my love my inspiration my guide my friend my philosopher was my grandmom.for others she is no more inthis world bt for me she is still alive i was used to share my each and every thing every feeling with her only,my grandmom and my father are only 2 persons who understand me completly they cn predict very easily that wat decision i would take in any situation,i faced a strange life.wen i was a kid my childhood life upto the age of 12 cn b called a golden period as i was loved and cared by all persons as i lived in a joint family.but actually i was wrong nw when i...