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The Rupee Symbol – Competition By Finance Ministry Of India

By on Apr 3, 2009 in Wisdom | 7 comments

I had to dig out this link : The Rupee Symbol (PDF) to believe that finance ministry of India has organized a competition to design the symbol to represent Rupee. Since everyone thinks we are going to be superpower by 2020 (and no one knows how :p ) , the design of Rupee Symbol holds extreme importance. Visit above link to go through the guidelines, rules et al. Then, India Times design team came up with few (weird) symbols: look here . The symbols they have come up with are pretty complicated and may take lifetime to memorize and another lifetime to learn to draw. I think the rupee symbol should be damn easy to draw. By the way, I’m wondering why do all currency symbols have horizontal/verticle lines crossing the letters? Look here: 😐 I’m very happy with Rs. or INR. What do you say? –The Big...