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Why are we Indians interested in each other’s salary / income?

By on Jun 6, 2013 in Wisdom | 1 comment

In the recent times, I’ve realized that we Indians are unimaginably interested in knowing how much money our friends or relatives make. Money, in modern times, is no doubt a measure of your professional or social success – and obviously we want to know who’s lesser successful than us; because it gives us a feeling of being a winner. How sick! If you are a salaried person, people would easily pass on the questions – ‘What package do you get?’. If you tell people that you got a promotion or switched to a new company the ‘package’ thing will be the first one to appear in the subsequent discussion. If you are a businessman/woman, then people will enclose the question ‘How much do you make?’ in a cool wrapper: “So, what’s your business model?”. In the recent times, I’ve answered that question so many times...

Is There Any Talent Left In India?

By on Mar 12, 2011 in Entrepreneurship, Featured Articles, Wisdom | 8 comments

Unlike most of you – I am serious about my country’s development. But the more trust I put in people, the more disappointment I get. I sometimes wonder whether there’s any talent left in India. I’ve been looking to hire talented people and all I get is copy-paste masters who think they can quickly fool any system and get away with it. The most disappointment comes from people who you think are ‘really’ talented. From Ankit Fadia to Hassan Ali, India seems to be full of people who want short cuts to everything. Frg8 it, we evn us shrtcts in typin. u knw wht i mean? But those words don’t come from my own hiring experience for my venture, but from my experience as a recruiter for the companies I worked with. Copy-pasting job would start right at the ‘Career Objective’ in resume to a friend of mine telling me how Infosys guys were...

The sorry state of Indian engineers

By on Feb 15, 2008 in Wisdom | 15 comments

¬†Who am I to comment? I’m an Indian with a first class degree in Electrical Engineering & I love my country. Engineers are the nation builders, they say. But when I see 90/100 engineering students (who visit Engineers Forum ) don’t even know how to construct a simple sentence in English, I feel bad. When I see them asking for “ready made code/idea/topic for my engineering projects”, I feel bad. I feel terribly bad. The common people depend on us for a better nation, a better tomorrow. What are we going to do in life if we can’t use our head and mix our technical knowledge with our ideas? Or, is it that we don’t “think” anymore? Yesterday, I was discussing a similar topic with my good friend CEan – Kidakaka. He popped a simple question: “How many of us really get into engineering because we want to build something...