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Chocolates at my desk for flood victims & software engineers

By on Jun 6, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

I’ve seriously began thinking if this whole ‘Go away – demons of stupidity’ thing (aka Spotting Stupidity through the spectacles of Common Sense) is taking away my social life. Probably I’ve started missing out on “little little” every-day joys. If you’re a software engineer and work for a company that provides cubicles to its employees, I bet you must have experienced the following: One of your colleagues returns from USA. (S)He brings cheaply available HERSHEY’s chocolates for mass distribution. Shoots one liner email to his group that invariably says “Chocolates at my desk. Limited stock. Help yourselves.” Upon receiving this email, you all rush to his cubicles just the way flood victims rush for the food packet dropped from helicopter. Each one lifts a handful of chocolates with a weasel smile on his/her face and...