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Why Do “You” Have So Many “Problems” In Life?

By on Jul 25, 2011 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Yesterday, I asked my friend to watch the “Zeitgeist Movie“. The movie isn’t your typical movie with SRK spreading arms and Kajol running towards him.  The movie gives us another perspective to look at the ‘truths’ being told. The movie exposes 9/11, religion and how Federal Reserves are controlling the money supply to the world – and responsible for most of the problems of the world. In fact, the movie is interesting and leaves you with a new thought. I recommend everyone should watch the movie, full series starting from 2007 edition and then to the latest. My friend reacted in a natural way by saying, “Dude! The movie is boring. It talks about religion and economics. I already have too many problems in life to concentrate on the issues these guys are talking about“. Now, that’s one standard answer I get when I talk to people about...