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Talentless Contestants On “India’s Got Talent Show”

By on Aug 6, 2011 in Wisdom | 8 comments

Whenever I criticize, I criticize for a reason and when I do that I mean it. This morning, to my bad fate, I turned on TV and found ‘Colors TV’ airing an episode of ‘India’s Got Talent’. The show is a copy of, I guess, “America’s Got Talent”. Now, if I find something ‘really really stupid’, I pay more attention to it so that I can blog about it. The episode had an Indian band “Madhavas” performing. I was convinced that the judges would throw them out for the crappy, talent-less performance and tell them to quit ‘music’ and ‘singing’. But to my surprise, the judges (Kirrrrrrrr(add more Rs)on Kher, Dharmedra and Sonali Bendre) were actually enjoying! I was shocked. I felt bad. I felt disgusted! I mean, save Kirron Kher and Sonali Bendre, how could Dharmendra enjoy it? Watch the judges...

Indian Idol 4 : Why sing like the westerners?

By on Oct 18, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

For a change, I saw an episode of Indian Idol 4. To begin with, I admit that the bar has been raised this time. Some of the singers are very talented. They sing well and most importantly, they do not copy the famous singers. That said, my general observation is that all the fat girls generally sing Sunidhi Chauhan’s songs – in western style. I’m not an expert to comment; but I know something about Indian & Western Music. Indian Music is NOT meant to be sung while you are dancing or jumping. Some forms of Western Music (hard pop, rock, hard metal) can be performed while you are running on the stage, jumping and screaming. Now the trouble starts when our Indian singers try to outperform the westerners. They try to sing Indian songs while ‘performing’. Have you ever noticed that? Anyway, we have excellent panel of judges to judge and comment on the...