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The Red Bus

By on Apr 17, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

I sometimes wonder why India lacks creative people. I was driving behind a Red Bus (no, not the ‘STAR’ bus) and wondering if the people who designed the Red Bus were drunk.   First of all, the Red Bus looks ugly. I hope you will agree with me on this. Second, its painted “Red-Yellow” from the outside and dark “Green” from the inside! Disgusting! Third, cushion-less green/blue seats? What the heck! Fourth – who thought that painting the windows with ‘green’ oil paint would look great? Fifth – the paint is of low quality and allows lovers to leave impressions of their ever-lasting love on the back side of seats and on the green windows. You must have noticed those signatures from “Pramod” or “Prakash loves Seema” messages. Damnit!   Sixth – no provision for physically handicapped or old people. To get...