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Steve Jobs Making A Lot Of Sense

By on Jul 12, 2013 in Wisdom | 0 comments

Unlike the pricing of the products of the company he created, the man himself makes a LOT of sense. Stumbled upon following video while browsing the Internet. It’s short, but it has an important message. Listen to it and feel inspired for a few minutes before going back to your routine.

Resigning without having a job

By on Jun 2, 2008 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Let me tell you a fact. We (rather, most of you) are addicted to the monthly paycheck. The comfort it gives, the peace of mind it gives is just amazing. So when the appraisals go wrong and I get at least 10 pings on IM saying that they’re quitting their jobs ‘tomorrow’, I just laugh. For I know, none of them would have guts to actually quit! It requires guts! I’m telling you. Then most of them go back to listening motivational speeches by Steve Jobs & other famous people who took the biggest (calculated) risks in their lives and reached to the top. They all were little foolish and had desire for achieving something big. But not everyone can think like them. I couldn’t stop myself from posting this as my friend is explaining to me why he’s staying back and fighting! lol. Yet another paycheck...