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Advice To Indian College Rock Bands

By on Dec 20, 2010 in Wisdom | 4 comments

Forming a rock bank was the latest fad in India, that I think started when I was in 3rd/Final year of engineering. Everyone wants to – RAWK \m/ !  After observing many student rock bands perform on stage I’ve decided to come up with few tips and advise to all the college rock bands. I’m confident that the Desi Dudes & Dudettes will learn a few things through this post and hopefully implement them.     Tip 1: It takes years to learn music and months to get long hair. You can’t be a rock star by wearing Metallica, Iron Maiden black t-shirts and picking up few chords from the Internet. Practice! Not 24 hours a day 10 days before your ‘concert’, but at least 1 hour every day for at least 1 year before you go ‘live’. Tip 2: Control yourself on the stage. Don’t act as if someone is pinching your ass. Agree, its a show-biz. But you...