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Stupidity @ Restaurent

By on May 9, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Hmm… So, my cousin & I went to a restaurant that won the best restaurant in the city award in year 2007. Now, the folks at restaurant have come up with a good idea – which I won’t tell you. It’s got something to do with keeping your food (especially kabab) warm on the dinning table itself. The name of the restaurant has something to do with the idea. Anyway. I couldn’t really guess why this restaurant won the ‘Best Restaurant’ award. I didn’t see anything ’special’ as such and very honestly, the food didn’t taste better than it would at any other good restaurant. So, the guy who takes the order arrived at our table [I won’t call him ‘waiter’ or ‘captain’] “Good noon, sir!” “Would you like to have regular water or mineral water, sir?” Me: “Meh! Mineral Water” “Sir, would you prefer it chilled or normal?” Me: “Bah! Hmmm, Chilled” “Sir, Aquafina or Kinley?” Me: “Gaaaaaaaa!!!!!”...

Awards, Media & Common Man

By on Jan 26, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

On 25th of January 2005, the govenment of India declared the & the “Padma” awards – and yours truly, The Big K, spotted stupidity yet again. I sometimes wonder how easy it is to spot stupidity. Well, the purpose of this blog is to spot stupidity & make the common man aware of it. I’m not saying that the common man is unaware of this stupidity, but it feels good when someone (me) takes pains to write it down for the reference of our future generation. I hope that they will learn a lot from these records. Hopefully, one day, we’ll eleminate stupidty from the good world. Okay, back to the topic. Go through this post on – Now most of the entries are obvious, few were unexpected. Viz. Madhuri Dixit, Sunita Williams, Vikram Pandit, Manoj Night Shyamalan. If anyone among the readers of this...