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Your description based on your sun sign

By on Aug 26, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Huh! If you came here, on this post, through Google while searching for connection between sunsign & your personality – go away. There’s no connection. You are what your upbringing makes you. Its that simple. One of my friends, who is a blogger and believer in sunsigns forwarded a document to me that has all these personality traits related to sunsign. Now, the obvious, general reaction after reading your personality description under the heading <your sunsign> is “Wow! That’s me!”. Mine was, obviously – “Doh!” The truth is that we (excluding me) fall prey to a dirty trick used in these email forwards. I’ll explain it in a moment- The Dirty Trick: No one reads personality traits of other sun sign other than his/her own. Because you’d find out its very generic – more or less the same for everyone. We never care....