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Tata Airlines – What If Tata Had Paid The Bribe?

By on Nov 16, 2010 in Wisdom | 5 comments

Tata Airlines! We missed it because people love Congress so much that they are willing to pay any price. Oh well, I’m not a BJP supporter either. They are at par with their enemies in Congress. It’s just that they haven’t had a chance to show their true colors yet. Whatever! Ratan Tata, said that an aviation minister had demanded a bribe of Rs. 15 crore for Tata’s entry into the Indian Aviation Industry. This one man thwarted Tata’s plan for airlines. Obviously, it wasn’t a big amount for the Tata Group. But Mr. Tata says the last thing he wanted is to go to bed thinking they made entry into aviation by paying bribe. Awesome job, Mr. Tata. “We approached three prime ministers also. But an individual thwarted our efforts to form the airlines with a joint venture with Singapore Airlines.” One fellow industrialist had advised Tata,...