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Team Anna Political Party – Will You Vote For It?

By on Aug 4, 2012 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Yesterday was a dramatic day for the anti-corruption agitation. Team Anna called off their ‘do-or-die’ fast, without getting the demands fulfilled. The team has announced possible formation of a political party and contest the upcoming nation-wide elections. I’ve a strong reason to believe that the next nation-wide election will probably be in 2013 because the current government is already unbearable. I’m suspecting that people will get down on streets even without any call for agitation from a public/social leader. India surely is going through an important phase and it will have an important place in history. Forming a political party is going to be a bigger challenge for Team Anna. People are fed up of promises to form a ‘clean’ government; and winning elections purely on the basis of the image of the party founders is going to be tad difficult....