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“The Apprentice” to be launched in India!

By on Oct 20, 2009 in Wisdom | 4 comments

I really like what Mark Burnett does. I had been a big fan of Donald Trump starring “The Apprentice”. Now, The Mark Burnett company is willing to launch Indian versions of their popular American shows including The Contender, India‚Äôs Top Model and a game show called Amnesia. So I’m now thinking, who will be the Indian “Donald Trump” in the show. For those who don’t know about ‘The Apprentice” here’s a quickie: 16 contestants from across the country are chosen to participate in the show. These contestants are from different walks of life. Some of them are real life entrepreneurs, some of them are MBAs, students etc. These 16 contestants are divided into teams and the teams are given the tasks. The team that wins a task gets a prize and the team that fails, must face the ‘BOSS’ [ Donald Trump]. Donald Trump then picks up...