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Proof: Times Of India Is Against Narendra Modi

By on Aug 25, 2013 in Wisdom | 2 comments

It’s no surprise that India’s leading national newspaper, The Times Of India has bias against Mr. Narendra Modi, the man likely to be India’s next prime minister. So far, Narendra Modi supporters have been revolting against stupidest Times Of India articles through comments. It looks like Times Of India is ensuring that people don’t write anything in favor of Narendra Modi through comments on TOI articles. See –   So my comment “No matter what TOI writes, I’m voting for Narendra Modi in 2014′ was flagged by TOI as ‘inappropriate’. Looks like TOI has already decided who they ‘don’t want’ as India’s PM....

Times Of India Goes Insane

By on Jun 9, 2011 in Featured Articles, Wisdom | 6 comments

I’m losing hope for this country. The nice are punished and wrong things are being promoted. Those who raise voice against corruption are brutally treated and even the reputed media seems to be the sycophant waiving their tails in front of the government. After noticing the following on Times Of India, I lost all my respect for India’s largest media house. See what Times Of India is promoting – Times of India is insanely asking people to raise their voice against the drinking age limit of 25 years! Instead of discouraging young generation not to consume alcohol, Times Of India is doing the opposite. I sometimes wonder, what’s wrong with Indians. Is India a country of insane people with low IQ? Drinking is bad and no matter how old you are – you SHOULD NOT DRINK! Drinking is bad and young people should be discouraged from consuming any kind of alcohol....

What happened to TOI’s Lead India?

By on Jun 1, 2008 in Wisdom | 2 comments

One day, I woke up with a hope. A hope that India’s going in safe hands. For the first time [not really, acutally] educated people, having no police records were to Lead India! I expected something great to happen. So, I was pretty excited about Times Of India’s initiative – Lead India – where people were asked to choose their leader from people who’ve been changing the face of India – silently. My sister & I [both of us care for India along with Swami Ramdeobaba] watched first few shows of Lead India and were both disappointed beyond limits. For we don’t really expect our future leader to know what’s up in Bollywood. Anyway. I haven’t followed the show since then. I heard that the show concluded. What happened next? I decided to check by visiting their website – This is what I found – [...