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Breaking News & TRP

By on Mar 9, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

I sometimes sit & wonder why is this beautiful world full of stupid people and stupidity. After thinking over the problem of stupidity for some time; I decided to relax and turned on the television. I surfed the channels and found out that almost every news channel had a breaking news. So far, I’ve come across following breaking news:- Shah Rukh Kan’s credit card stolen. [ Believe me, its a ‘breaking news’ on national television! Now India worries about SRK’s stolen credit card!] Stairway to heaven [aka “Swarg Ki Sidhi”] Khali to wrestle in Las Vegas. Man Cheats Death [ This damn channel was showing David Copperfield’s illusions and ‘explaining’ his tricks to the audience.] Ganguly & Dravid out of Pepsi contract [Breaking news? on National TV?] Two snakes getting married in some remote village of India [… yeh,...