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Standardizing “Walking Distance”

By on Jan 31, 2011 in Wisdom | 5 comments

Unlike you, I pay attention to my health. I’m a regular gym goer and expect to have at least one-pack abs by year end (whatever that means, you got the point.). Prior to joining gym, I’d walk for at least 3-4 kilometers every day in the evening – after office. I’d often do that humming songs, thinking about my part-time venture (back then) and making decisions (if required). That meant, anything up-to 3-4 kilometers from my starting point would safely come under ‘walking distance’. Someone once asked me how far is the ice-creme parlor from home and I used the term ‘walking distance’ and later it turned out to be a ‘autorickshaw distance’. My best estimate is that the parlor was within 800 meters from my home. I learned that walking distance for most of the people is ‘across the street’ or less than 100-150...