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Everybody wanna laptop!

By on Aug 1, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Yo! All you cool dudes & dudettes out there! I know you wanna laptop! It makes you look cool! Huh? The fact is – you all are bozos! Few days back, I had an interesting conversation with a IT/Software dude (aka professional). The dude explained that he badly needed more salary (and money, in general) because he wanted to buy a laptop! Fine! Out of curiosity, I asked him why he needed a laptop. He explained to me that he usually gets bored on weekends because of the unavoidable load shedding / power cuts which prevents him from watching movies on TV. So, the best alternative he thought was to buy a laptop! The dude was willing to spend up to Rs. 40,000 on that laptop with a big screen & brand. He needed Rs. 40,000 more and the problem of ‘less money’ was bothering him. I told him he could easily buy a DVD Player [Rs. 1000] and an Inverter [Rs. 2500] and he could enjoy...