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Microsoft Analytics – what say?

By on Jul 5, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

Its a well known fact (means someone mentioned on his/her blog) that – Google analytics data isn’t very reliable and accurate. [Your web-host will produce different stats than Google] Google uses Google Toolbar to college data from users (with their permission. But no one really reads the user agreements. Anyway!] So I was thinking, what could be the way to get correct website usage data? I believe Microsoft can do it. Here’s how I think they can produce accurate data:- Microsoft, puts in a data analyser in their upcoming operating system – Windows 7. Windows is the most widely used operating system on desktops and notebooks in the world, microsoft can easily tell who is visiting what, for how long, what pages he/she is browsing, what links/ads one is clicking – and what not! Come on, think about it! If Google is allowed to do it, let’s have no...