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DostPost – Duh

By on Jul 3, 2008 in Wisdom | 1 comment

[Unwanted update: The changing weather & rains led to blockage of traffic, roads in Pune & Big K’s nose. That’s why Big K couldn’t update the blog. He’s back, hopefully. *sneezes*] The bad thing about Google Reader is that it allows you to subscribe to lots of blogs. Reading lots of blogs leads to accumulation of unwanted knowledge in Big K’s brain. Today, I read a blog post about an upcoming website called Naturally I was tempted to click on the link (just like you did a second ago!) and check what those guys are offering. My first impression was wonderful! It said “What’s your Dream? Make it happen with DostPost.” Wow! These guys are going to help me to turn my dreams into reality! (my interpretation). Now, my dream is to to attain materialistic happiness through (taken from Who is Big K anyway link above) :-...