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What the hell, mate?

By on Jun 26, 2008 in Wisdom | 3 comments

Few minutes ago, a guy overtook me on his speeding motorcycle. His joy wasn’t long-lasting. In next few  seconds – he (almost) got the lesson of his life: Don’t overtake The Big K on road and feel good about it. The motorcycle dude almost (well, almost) banged his head on the slow moving truck. Since Big K drivers carefully on roads, he expects everyone to driver carefully – and there’s nothing wrong in that. So, today’s post is about wearing helmets (btw, did you notice how intelligent I am? I wrote ‘hell, mate’ in the title. If you didn’t, you’re dim-witted. Anyway! ). Big K strongly advises you to wear helmets while riding motorcycle on roads. It’s a must for all those who have a brain to protect. Others – go away from this blog. Let me give you few advantages & disadvantages of wearing helmet :- Advantages: • You...