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How To Win Any Argument, With Anyone, Anytime

By on Feb 13, 2012 in Wisdom | 5 comments

I’ve found out a ‘master stroke’ that will ensure that you win any argument. The beauty of this ‘stroke’ is that it works in almost any situation, no matter where you are and with whom you’re arguing. The stroke is very easy to play as well. But it comes at a cost – and this cost is your ‘intelligence’.┬áThe more intelligent you are, the more is the cost that you end up paying. Because this stroke demands that you become stupid (temporarily, to win the argument). How To Win Any Argument In The World? When the other party seems to be winning, you put a winning end to it by asking a very vague question making it part of the argument. Why does it work? Because you’re nullifying the basic force behind the argument. An argument typically is the fight of intelligence aka the fight of the brains. But when you play your master stroke,...