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How to win personality contest

By on Oct 19, 2008 in Wisdom | 8 comments

Before we begin, let me inform you : I’m not an expert on personality development. There are 100s of people in the world who can lecture you on the subject of personality development. Yet, never in my life, I have come across a person who got his/her personality changed after attending a course. However, in past, couple of guys at VNIT had thought I could judge their personality contest, twice. I even got feedback from the organizers that the audience liked me. So, with that background, let me give you few common-sense based tips on winning personality contest(s). * Start at least a month or two in advance So that you don’t have to be someone else to win the competition. To tell you the truth, be a good personality in your life – and you will win! Following are the tips for you to get started. Even before you begin, I want you to make a list of all the good qualities...