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Yahoo’s Unlimited Web Hosting

By on Feb 13, 2008 in Wisdom | 0 comments

So, Yahoo! Inc. which claims that they host more number of web sites than any other web hosting company, has introduced a dream plan – unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space & unlimited email storage for $11.95. Earlier, you’d get about 5Gb of web space, 200 Gb of bandwidth and 200 email accounts, each with 2Gb storage. That too, was a good plan. But should you rush to Y! for web hosting? Read on… Root Access: Yahoo! WH does not provide root access to its servers. This is done mainly for the security reasons. I was happy with this until I came to know the power & advantages of having root access to your server. As an advanced user, you’d always prefer root (or shell) access to your server. Control Panel: Yahoo! WH has its own customized control panel for web administrators. I think its not as powerful and easy as the industry standard C-panel....